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Real Estate Talk with Beth; 1031 Exchange

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Real Estate Talk with Beth; 1031 Exchange

What is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 exchange, also known as a like-kind exchange, is a tax-deferment strategy that allows investors to sell one investment property and purchase another of equal or greater value, without incurring immediate capital gains taxes.

How does it work?

To qualify for a 1031 exchange, the investor must identify the replacement property within 45 days of the sale of the original property and complete the transaction within 180 days. The proceeds from the sale of the original property must also be held in a qualified intermediary’s account, and not directly received by the investor.

Why is it beneficial?

By using a 1031 exchange, investors can defer paying capital gains taxes on the sale of their original property, which can save them a substantial amount of money. This allows investors to reinvest the entire amount of their proceeds into a new property, which can help them increase their cash flow and build their real estate portfolio.

What are the potential downsides?

While a 1031 exchange can be a great tool for investors, it’s important to note that there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed in order to qualify. For example, the property being sold and the property being purchased must be of the same nature or character, and personal residences do not qualify. Additionally, if the investor sells their replacement property within a certain time frame, they may be subject to paying back the deferred taxes.

How can I help my clients?

As a realtor, I can help you by educating you on the benefits of a 1031 exchange and connecting them with a qualified intermediary to ensure that all of the rules and regulations are followed. I can also help  find replacement properties that meet your investment goals and are of like-kind to the property being sold.

In conclusion, a 1031 exchange can be a valuable tool for investors looking to save money on taxes when buying or selling investment property. As a realtor, I can help my clients take advantage of this strategy by providing youwith the necessary information and resources to ensure a successful transaction.

It is important to seek advice from your tax professional and a 1031 intermediary.

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