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Short Term Rental Market Bolivar Peninsula

Real Estate Talk with Beth disussing Short Term Rentals in Bolivar Peninsula

Real Estate Talk with Beth is a weekly show on Bolivar Live,  this morning we focused on Short Term Rentals and how they vary from beachfront and back, how the seasons affect income, and other factors to consider when considering turning your home into a Short Term Rental, or investing in a Short Term Rental.  Please note I pulled these numbers from a free website,  I personally own Vacation Homes in Bolivar Peninsula and would be happy to discuss my experience.

Average Income potential for Short Term Rentals in Bolivar Peninsula

This graph clearly shows the beachfront home’s income is much higher peaking in the summer, but still shows good profits during the off peak seasons.  Compare this graph to our previous show where we talked about average sales prices.  Average Sale Prices

How much can you make on a Short Term Rental on Bolivar Peninsula?

I detailed some things to consider before purchasing a Short Term Rental in any market.

Is a Short Term Rental Profitable?

There are some significant tax strategies that could be used, please consult your accountant.  Do your due diligence and seek advice from trusted advisors.


Expenses to Consider before puchasing a Short Term Rental on Bolivar Peninsula

It is not exactly mailbox money.  There are some expenses to consider, and decisions to make.  Take a look at these expenses.

Overall my husband and I are very pleased with our Short Term Rental investments on Bolivar Peninsula.  We currentaly use Bolivar  to manage our properties.  I have helped several clients purchase homes, some use management companies,  some self manage.  As I stated in the video I think it’s all about how much you put in, is equal to how much you can take out.  If you run it like a business it will perform like a business.  If you want a 2nd home that you allow Short Term Rentals to use when you are not using it, it will probably perform like that.

Talk to a local Realtor before taking the leap in any market you are in,  if you are considering purchasing in the Bolivar Peninsula area I would love to discuss your goals with you.  Call me today 214-801-9801 or visit my website at