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Buying a home in this market, Timing is everything

Buying a home isn’t a process to be rushed.

Yet with all the variables that go into purchasing property—your existing finances, mortgage rates, competition from other buyers, assistance programs, and government policies—the smart buyers are the ones who are ready to jump at the right deal. Buyers will learn that buying a home in this market, Timing means everything.

Set yourself up for success!
Have all aspects of the buying process you can control squared away as far advance as possible. That might mean working on your own finances, current housing situation, or applying for assistance programs as early as possible. This could mean months ahead of when you start house shopping in earnest.

Ask a professional
Make sure you’re going into the buying process with a team of professionals to help, as well. That may include knowing a good real estate attorney, researching reputable home inspectors, establishing a relationship with a mortgage broker, and of course, finding a REALTOR® you feel comfortable with. Of first-time homebuyers in Texas, 71% said their real estate agent helped them understand the process of buying home and 51% of all buyers said they received better contract terms because of their agent, according to the 2016 Profile of Texas Homebuyers and Sellers. Start the search now for a Texas REALTOR® who fits your needs at

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