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Maintenance tips for the holidays:

This time of year can be very unpredictable with freezing temperatures in the morning and summer temperatures in the afternoon. I saw a cartoon the other day that summed it up nicely, “Dear Mother Nature, thank you for sending a sample of winter, at this time we have decided not to purchase, and would like to send it back!” Too bad it doesn’t work that way.


As taxing as this time of year can be on us, it is also very difficult on our homes and the things outside. Please check out my list of maintenance items to help avoid the pitfalls of the ever changing Texas weather:



Home maintenance:

Cover outdoor faucets and exposed water pipes.

I recommend styro-foam faucet and pipe covers. These covers are easy to install and take off in seconds, and water proof. When compared to wrapping with towels and duct tape, the insulation factor can be comparable, but rarely does this part of Texas get snow and ice without a rainy mix that will saturate the cloth option rendering it nearly worthless.

**TIP** for home owners with cats and dogs that might find the covers fun to chew or scratch. I have found that taking the additional step of wrapping the covers/pipes with foil tape found in the HVAC isle with discourage the unwanted behavior. **

Clean out gutters

Clean out gutters and areas where leaves and other foliage can collect trapping water and impeding proper drainage from the roof and foundation.

Check and replace air filters in your HVAC units.

Check windows and doors for missing or damaged seals.

Replace or re-caulk as needed to ensure you are keeping the “bought air” inside and the elements outside.

Outdoor equipment/Vehicles:

  • Most everyone knows about checking antifreeze, but what about the other systems impacted by the cold? Things like windshield washer fluid, tires, and batteries? If you have an RV, water tanks and septic systems.
  • Lawn equipment needs fuel stabilizer! Actually, any motorized equipment sitting for extended periods of time should have fuel stabilizer added to avoid costly repairs down the road.
  • Extreme heat or cold will finish off a battery that is near the end of life. If you’re not sure how to check your battery, most reputable shops can test your battery for free and let you know if it is time to consider replacement.
  • Most cars built after 2007 have air pressure sensors built in (TPMS), but when the temperature drops the pressures will decrease and can impact handling. Also, the TPMS will not tell you if your tires are safe for wet or slick roads. You can look for the wear indicators to show or again, go to a trusted repair shop and have them take a look.

** TIP**Keep ice scrapers, gloves, and an extra blanket in the car/truck just in case you are caught off guard by the ever changing Texas weather.



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