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Make a Great First Impression

The Real Estate Market is hot and sellers need every edge possible to beat out the competition, that is why it is important to Make a Great First Impression

Buyers in this market are picky, make fast decisions, and they don’t want to see a lot of “work” that needs to be done. If the First Impression of your home is not inviting the buyer will drive right on by, that is why it is important to pay close attention to details and invite those buyers into your home.




When is the last time you walked through your front door. If you are anything like me, not often.  A buyer has a lot of time to inspect their surroundings while the agent is fidgeting with the keybox. While the rest of the house may be perfect if they have already evaluated your home it will effect the rest of the tour.

Let’s get that front door “Popping”  so the buyers will be “Dropping” an offer.

That is the ultimate goal, right?

Making sure you don’t lose those buyers to the next house. Consider these steps to make a first impression that is a lasting good one.

Tips on how to Make a Good First Impression

  • Lets add some color  

Put out colorful potted blooming plant(s) for seasonal color.  We always suggest putting at least one plant perhaps two if the front porch is big enough.





  • Give the front door area a good cleaning

You may need to power wash if necessary but giving a good cleaning to remove settled dirt and cobwebs.

  • Inspect the front door and hardware

Sometimes the front door takes a lot of abuse and is overlooked,  we suggest repairing any chipped or peeling paint.  If the handle is dated and weathered replace it.  How about the door bell,  is it working?  Check to make sure it is working and looks appealing.

  • Landscaping Refresh

We often suggest putting out fresh “black” mulch it always seems to pop from the road, clean out any dead plants, and trim down the shrubs so the house can be seen.

  • Light Fixture

Make sure the light fixture is working, bulbs all replaced.  If the light fixture is dated, replace it.

  • Welcome Mats  

Last but not least, make sure the buyers know they are welcome.   A clean inviting mat says welcome and a place for the buyers to wipe their feet before stepping in.






If you are thinking about selling your home,  call us today to discuss the market conditions and how we can help you with all your Real Estate Needs.

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