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Mortgage Minute with Ken Melber Highlands Residential Mortgage

Question: I’m considering purchasing a home soon, what are 2 things I can do today to help prepare me?

Two simple and easy things you can do are check your free credit report and opt out of credit offers.

Checking your free credit report can provide numerous benefits, safeguarding your financial health and granting you greater control over your personal information.

You catch inaccuracies or errors that might affect your credit score negatively. Mistakes, such as incorrect personal details or inaccurately reported late payments, are not uncommon and can significantly impact your ability to secure loans or favorable interest rates. By identifying and disputing these errors early, you can ensure your credit report accurately reflects your financial behavior. The time to find out about errors is before you apply for a loan to give you time to correct them.

Next, reviewing your credit report can help you detect signs of identity theft early. Unauthorized accounts, inquiries, or debts could indicate that someone is fraudulently using your identity. Early detection is crucial for minimizing damage and quickly resolving fraud issues, safeguarding not only your credit score but also your overall financial stability. To get your free credit report go to .

Opting out of credit offers is another proactive measure to protect your personal information. Credit bureaus often share your credit information with companies for pre-screened credit and insurance offers. By opting out, you reduce the risk of identity theft associated with stolen mail and unsolicited offers. Additionally, it helps declutter your mailbox, allowing you to focus on more pertinent financial matters. Last time your credit report was pulled was your phone ringing off the hook for days with credit solicitations? Opting out can help prevent this in the future. Here is how to opt out:

To opt out for five years:

Go to .

or call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567-8688). The

Major credit bureaus operate phone numbers and websites.

If you have any other questions let me know and I will be happy to help.

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