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Owner Financing – Is it Right for You?

An owner financing opportunity comes up once in a while,  what is Owner Financing and is it Right for You?


One10 Realty Group has several lots for sale on Bolivar Peninsula that the owners have expressed interest in financing them for the buyers.

The properties that we have listed are here:

Basically the seller takes the position as a traditional bank.  The seller would hold a lien on the property and it would get filed and recorded as does any other real estate transaction.

What are the advantages to the buyer?

  • You typically don’t have to provide all the documentation you might have to with a traditional bank.
  • You may have credit limits due to other investments
  • You may be able to get a lower interest rate

Still not sure if Owner Financing is Right for you,  take a look at the article below.

Read the article from do your homework, talk to your Realtor, it might be the perfect fit for you!