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Doing the Home Repairs in Real Estate before on the market day

Home repairs done before going on the market could add dollars to your bottom line. We have all said “I will get to that this weekend”, or “It is not that bad, no one will notice”. Guess what.. They will notice and it could cost the seller in the end. Do those minor and major Home Repairs in Real Estate before market day.

To Do and What not to Do?
Repairs left undone will cost you more money than the repair itself. Repairs that you’ve been meaning to do will be a lot less expensive to complete if you do them BEFORE you sell your home.

Money spent today could mean more money in your pocket later!
It is true, once the needed repair is evident to a Buyer, the buyer will pad the actual cost of the repair with the stress of getting it done.

Buyers want to buy a home that is ready to go, and not worrying about what else needs to be done.
Don’t let the buyer pad the actual repair with that emotional baggage.

Ask a professional
If you are considering putting your house on the market let a professional help.

Acker Home Team local Experts
Contact the Acker Home Team located in Waxahachie specializing in Ellis County.

Leslie Armstrong and Beth Terminella are available to help with walking through your home and reviewing items that a buyer might find a concern.


You can reach Leslie Armstrong at 817-980-4760 or Beth Terminella at 214-801-9801

Visit Leslie and Beth on their website at